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Q: What Is PerfectMatrixCash ? 
 A: It is a program that is sharing $2.5 ( N500 ) received among Nine Members. Entry Fee is $2.5 ( N500 ) and is being shared among Nine Members.
PerfectMarixCash will be giving you 20% and 10% of the money paid by those people placed under you on the program. You will be paid $0.50 ( N100 ) and $0.25 ( N50 ) for each of the 2,441,496 people that will be placed under you. 
     You will receive $0.50 ( N100 ) on each of the First Five People placed under you.
                             Totalling - $2.5 ( N500 )
                                For the First Five People under You.
You will be receiving $0.25 ( N50 ) starting from Number 6 to 2,441,496 people placed under you. The $0.25 ( N50 ) is on each of them.
Q: How Much Does It Cost To Join PerfectMatrixCash ?
A:  The cost of becoming a full member is $2.5 or N500 ( One Time Payment ). There is no Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Subscription.
Q: Do I Need To Sponsor / Refer Anyone To Earn ? 
 A: No. You don't need to personally sponsor or refer new members to earn money from the program. PerfectMatrixCash will get everything done for you automatically. All every member needs is Five People.
     PerfectMatrixCash will get you the Five and also give each of those Five their own Five People.
This Program is using 5 X 9 Advanced Forced Matrix as its Compensation Plan.
                          5 X 9 Matrix Means : 
          5 - Five Downlines under Everyone
          9 - Up to Nine Levels or Generations
       You will be receiving $0.50 ( N100 ) and $0.25 ( N50 ) on everyone placed in your Nine Levels or Generations.
                  The Nine Levels or Generations Are : 
 Level One - 5 People
 Level Two - 25 People ( Five For Each 5 People In your Level One )
 Level Three - 125 People ( Five For Each 25 People In Your Level Two )
 Level Four - 625 People ( Five For Each 125 People In Your Level Three )
 Level Five - 3,125 People ( Five For Each 625 People In Your Level Four )
 Level Six - 15,625 People ( Five For Each 3,125 People In Your Level Five )
 Level Seven - 78,125 People ( Five For Each 15,625 People In Your Level Six )
 Level Eight - 390,625 People ( Five For Each 78,125 People In Your Level Seven )
 Level Nine - 1,953,125 People ( Five For Each 390,625 People In Your Level Eight )
      PerfectMatrixCash will be giving everyone Five People needed. You will get your own Five. The Five will also get their own Five. It will continue this way till your Nine Levels or Generation is completed.
  What Is Needed From You Are : 
A Facebook Account
A Twitter Account
A Linkedin Account
            You will need a Facebook Account which will be connected to PerfectMatrixCash's Automatic Downlines Recruiting Website.
It is through this connection you will receive your Five Downlines. Your Sponsoring / Referring / Recruiting Link will be advertised on Facebook Automatically every Five Hours.
  Your Friends, Friend of Friends, Members of Facebook Money Making Discussion Pages You Liked and Money Making Discussion Groups You Joined will be attracted to join you on PerfectMatrixCash.
 Flyers will be used for the advert and it will contain Text Message with your Personal Sponsoring / Referring / Recruiting Link.
Everyone that click the link and join PerfectMatrixCash will be automatically placed in Your Levels / Generations. You will be paid $0.50 ( N100 ) for each of those people in Your Level One ( 5 People ) : $0.50 ( N100 ) X 5 = $2.5 ( N500 ).
   Starting from level Two to Level Nine, you will be receiving $0.25 ( N50 ) on each person placed there.
Q: Can I Have Multiple Accounts or Matrix Positions ? 
 A: Yes, you are free to have more than One Account. You can have as many accounts or Matrix Positions as you want. With One Account, you can go for Multiple Matrix Positions. All you have to do is log in and click on " Purchase Position " twice ( if you prefer Two Matrix Positions ) or Ten Times ( If you prefer Ten Matrix Positions ).
   Multiple Matrix Positions gives you Multiple Earnings. Each Matrix Positions cost $2.5 ( N500 ). So for every $2.5 ( N500 ) you pay, you will be given One Matrix Position.
                  If you want to go for Multiple Matrix Positions, you can pay for them at once.
Q: When & How Will I Get Paid ? 
A: On PerfectMatrixCash, you can withdraw your earnings if it is up to $5 ( N1,000 ) and you will be paid within Two Hours. No waiting for Long Hours, Days, Weeks or Months.
 You will be paid using the same Method of Payment you used to pay for Your Matrix Position.
Q: What Are The Methods Of Payment ? 
 A: You can pay and also withdraw Your Earnings using : 
          Payza, SolidTrustPay, Okpay, Bitcoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney, GTBank, Zenith Bank, Western Union, Money Gram and Your Local Bank Accounts.
  You can pay using Mobile Transfer, ATM Transfer, Online Transfer. There is a form to fill where you will submit Your Payment Details for Verification & Approval.
Q: I Don't Have An Online Account ( Payza / Solidtrustpay / Perfectmoney / Okpay / Bitcoin ), Can I Still Join PerfectMatrixCash ?
A: Yes. You can use Your Local Bank Account to collect / receive Your Earnings.
Q: How Long Does It Take For My Payment To Be Approved ?
A: All Payments are manually approved within Two Hours!
Q: What Are Other Membership Benefits ? 
 A: As a member of PerfectMatrixCash, you have access to advertise your Other Programs on the program and Facebook using Our Automatic Downlines Recruiting Website for free.
   On PerfectMatrixCash, you will be helped get / attract downlines for all your other Programs / Business for free. There is a form where you will submit your adverts and they will be automatically posted to Facebook every Five Hours without Limit.
 Whatever Program / Business you have and wants to advertise so far it is not illegal, PerfectMatrixCash will help you advertise it and attract Downlines / Customers for You for free.
Q: Why Has My Account Been Deleted ?
A: IF we receive SPAM complaints against you, your account will be deleted without warning and all earnings will go towards advertising PerfectMatrixCash! We will also delete all accounts without warning that are found guilty of abusive behaviour towards the PerfectMatrixCash admins and/or other members.
Q: Is My Personal Information Protected With Your Company ?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.
Q: My Question Is Not Answered Here
A: Send us a short message via the Contact Us page and One of our friendly support staff will reply as soon as possible.